Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. . .

Ain't she cute?

It's that spring green that gets me.

That, and her starfish. . . oops, I mean SEA STAR (I've been corrected by my son who has a head chock full of little facts like that). . . is super cuddly, and not the least bit slimy as one might expect.

Her name is Seaweed

(the mermaid, not the sea star)

and you can visit her here.

- - -

I must be in a mermaid mood today, designing several new mermaid patterns this afternoon. The tail is the fun part, of course. I'm in the midst of designing a funny little thing in one of those old-fashioned bathing suits too. Guess I'm missing a swim-able ocean now that Summer is almost upon us. The ocean here would freeze my fins off, excess insulation and all. Dylan has a wetsuit, so he can jump in the water on calm wave days. My self-esteem could not handle the sight of myself in skin-tight rubber footy jammies though. Plus, I'm really not that great of a swimmer. So I'll happily content myself with making mermaids, and leave it at that.
. . .

This week has inspired some
Halloweeny goodies too.
(What can I say? I like Hallooween.)

Dylan named this tiny punkinhead Erlie. Haha.
She's tiny enough to fit in the palm of my hand.

She used to be a normal girl, but Maya got a hold of her-- naughty, pointy-headed creature that she is.


  1. I love all of your newest creations - especially the Maya and her dollie! The colors in their coordinating outfits are fantastic.

  2. LOVE all this week's new goodies, especially the pumpkin...go figure?! (wink) '-)

    Spooky Hugs,

  3. Hi Joee!

    I finally got a chance to pop over and I just love all of your new little ones! Your Pumpkin girl is so sweet...I know Nana Lori will be drooling over her! Personally, I'm drooling over your witchy little one! Great work!

    Congratulations again on the magazine article too! The picture of the little girl holding your dollie is just precious!


  4. Hi Jo,

    I love your little dollies this week as I do absolutely every week. The colors are gorgeous. I so love Maya & her little baby. The blue is brilliant & next to the orange of Erlie...oohh, the colors just make my eyes pop. I'm very slowly building a Cart Before the Horse collection. (I have one little girlie.) And every time I walk by her, she just makes me smile & warms my little pea picking heart!


  5. More lovely work! I love to pop by and see what your newest creations are. Seaweed is precious and the Halloween inspired pumpkin doll is cute. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your mermaid creations.

  6. Love the mermaid!! How do you think up such wonderful designs...the creativeity that oozes out of you with these dolls and all the array of designs you put forth....is soooo inspiring!
    I just love her coloring!

    I am 'there' with you about the site of oneself with a skin tight suit on. I wish I could find a swimsuit that was shaped more like a potato sack...draw string at the neck...and perhaps a sewn-in tire around the waist for buoyancy. Well...I could probably provide THAT!!hehe!

    Looking forward to seeing more mermaids...have a wonderful week;)!

  7. I want that wee lil' punkin' head so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs! *Nana

  8. Joee ~ May your Friday the 13th be filled with magick! '-)

    Spooky Hugs,

  9. Everything is magical!! I so enjoy coming over to see what new things you have thought up. They are so real looking...have personalities and how do you give them up?
    Love the Pumpkin head doll!!


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