We've been busy!


They're taking over.

It's been a very productive week here on the ole Cart. Sometimes I just get so crazy creative that all my ideas have no choice but to spill out onto every available surface. Happily, there are more surfaces at our new digs.

I love it when the creativity bug bites hard.

I made patterns for 10 or so new designs last Monday. This Monday I'm taking a break (gotta fuel the fires). I try to guard against burn-out. If I'm on a roll I go with it, but I try to stay conscious of the need to tend to my creative self.

Burn-out is no fun.

There are lots of ways to nurture your creative self. Mine loves libraries and nature hikes, antique shops, hand-written letters, vanilla scented body wash, children's drawings, good fiction, old toys, time with my dog, wandering around the internet, sitting around chatting with friends, a nice breeze, the smell of new crayons, playing cards with my mom. . .the list goes on and on. Lately I've discovered how much I love listening to books on CD while I work, and NPR podcasts on my son's iPod. Dylan even taught me (I won't tell you how long it took him) to find stuff on iTunes and make them go into that little magical device. I'm hooked on Fresh Air and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and Garrison Keillor of course.

What fuels your creative fire?


  1. Time off from work, mostly! Just knowing I have the whole day off to be in my studio gets the juices flowing. So glad to hear you enjoy listening to Garrison Keillor. He's like an old friend. Love your stuff! -Sara

  2. Music, I can be inspired for days by new music or jazz. Anytime I watch a movie like Rushmore or a movie about someone that thinks outside the box and does something creative and wonderfull, it makes me want to run and grab my paints or other craft items and create. My husband and kids provide the biggest fuel for my creativity. They are my biggest supporters and fans. Its the best.

  3. P.S. I grew up on Lake Wobegone (not literally)It was my dad's favorite and yes I listen to garrison Keillor with my kids now. His voice is addictive.

  4. Joee is was fun reading what inspires your creativity! :)

    ALL those things are working! (wink)

    Hope you are well.


  5. Oh, I love Fresh Air! I'm still trying to figure out how to get some podcasts onto a CD.

    You have been a busy woman!

  6. Yep, yep, yep - can't beat all those great NPR programs! I often listen to archived PHC broadcasts as I work...and music, lots of music (even started a playlist on my blog)....Other than that, museums, long walks, drives in the country, bookstores....so much to fuel creativity, and never enough time to actually CREATE, lol...I'm SO impressed with all you accomplish in a week's time - and with kids at home, no less!

    ~ Carolee

  7. Wow Jo, I am so impressed with the work you two put out this week...impressed by the amount & by the designs. Little Dot with her perfect polka dots & floaty almost made me squeal. And I LOVE that super sweet pink elephant.

    The movie Great Expectations with Ethan Hawke & Ann Bancroft always, never fails, makes me want to paint. Song lyrics & poems spark my imagination as do old postcards & photographs. Antique stores & the latest Country Home magazine always seem to do the trick too! Sometimes, though, it's really just as simple as thinking back to when I was a kid & birthday parties, bare feet, Kool-aid & mud pies were all that really mattered.

    My inner child wants all your dollies!


  8. Such lovely dolls, how do you do it! And when do you have the time? I love checking in to see what new things you have created and am continuously amazed by your work!
    I have way too many ideas floating around in my head and not enough time to create them all. I try to work on what inspires me at the moment.

  9. Anonymous6/20/2008

    One thing that can get me going is organizing my work space...which I rarely do. When all my supplies have a place and the floor is swept and the tables are cleared off and my paper pile (receipt, emails, and the like) is sorted, the room becomes a blank canvas.
    Then all I need is a little music and I am as happy as can be!

    Good topic guys...maybe I should get cleaning!

  10. Blimey Jo, you are prolific! What a fabulous family!
    I am also hooked on audio books while I work... :)

  11. Fabric is my inspiration! I miss going to my fabric Amish Quilt Shop and getting my hands on some fabric! Love your dollies!

  12. Solitude, working outside with the sound of the river and monkeys for company. Art books, arty blogs, gathering natural treasures in rock pools or on forest walks.

    Love your enchanting creations!


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