Frida's Photo Shoot in Small Magazine

One of our Frida dolls is in a magazine!
(Complete with a lovely
little playmate to fuss over her.)
She'll have all sorts of things to tell us when she comes back home.
I suspect she'll be rather high-maintenance though,
what with being a diva for a day.
Click here to see Frida's debut in Small Magazine.
It's a lovely magazine,
and they've done a feature on us too.
The interview starts on page 33,
in their chapter called
We're honored to be included in this very cool publication!


  1. I just got the issue in my email box yesterday! Congrats! I also love getting updates from Gallery Nucleus in San Francisco and when I looked at the latest letter I saw work from your cousin Yellena on the front page. I love the artwork that she makes. One of these days I will own some artwork from both of you talented artists. Keep up all the amazing creations!

  2. Opps! I mean your sister-in-law Yellena. Sorry!

  3. Thanks, Summer!

    I know Yellena is having a show in SF at Giant Robot this month. While she's off gallivanting with arty types, I'll be here cleaning her cat's litter box ;)
    Is that what you're talking about, or is she somewhere else too?

  4. What to clean my litter box to Joee while I go hang with artsy wannabes? LOL....

    I just love this doll and I would love to see the magazine and the article! You NEVER cease to amaze me with your talent. Going to out your way this summer might just have to pop in....Pam

  5. Joee, I am so privileged to know you :-) One of the fun points of my week is to see what Cartbeforethehorse has on the cart for the week.


  6. Those pictures are really of excellent quality, they are quiet and classy, I'm impressed they can do that with children without them running about!
    Great photo of Frida too, you can really see her well, it's definitely a great place to be!

  7. Oh my word!Your Frida dollie is amazing!!! I want her!Are you still going to sell her?Oh,and BTW,a huge congrats on the article in the magazine;).It looks wonderful!You can go ahead and give the magazine my address to forward Frida too;)!

  8. that is so way cool!!! She looks beautiful with the sweet girl. I am so proud of you guys!!! You work so hard on those dolls.. I know.. and see the fruit of it!!! Hugs to you sweet Joee friend..


  9. I know that you and all your dolls and are amazing Joee, and now the world shall know it too!
    Big Congrats sweety!

  10. It is www.gallerynucleus.com. They have very neat art shows, a lot of the Low Brow movement artists show there. Have a fun weekend!

  11. BIG Congrats Joee & what a lovely picture!

    Happy Saturday! :)


  12. Wow...congratulations! That's wonderful! What a nice article :)

  13. The coverage is really wonderful. I love the photo of the three winged dolls. :)

  14. That is very cool. Congratulations!

  15. Joee, this is wonderful news! Congratulations! It is well deserved and nice to see that you are receiving some publicity. That little girl is super cute as well, playing with Fridah!


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