Too Soon?

I can't help it. Guess I'm just in a witchy mood. The past couple weeks I've got witches on the burner. Yikes, better not say that around them, witches are mighty touchy about any burn references. What I mean is, pointy hats abound!
I know, I know. . .It's only June. Whatever. The way time flies around here it'll be Halloween any minute. Guess that means I'm having fun?
I've always liked Halloween. It's just so sociable. When else can you knock on your neighbor's door and ask for candy? Go ahead, try it on the Fourth of July. It won't work I tell you. Course, on the 4th you could probably get away with asking for a hot dog, or maybe a beer. But chocolate is right out.
. . .

Speaking of the Fourth, ain't this United States'
political race something this year?
Like who you will, it's a heck of a race!
Makes me hope my vote will actually count this time around.
What can I say? I'm a hopeful sort.

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