Stripes and Coleslaw

Yipes, Stripes!
OK, I admit it, I play favorites.
I try to treat them all the same,
but some dollies are just easier to get along with.
Or maybe it's just those big pinch-able cheeks.

Little Abby here is just an all-round lovable sort.
She gets along with all the other dollies, doesn't bite
(a real plus around here),
and I've not once had to untangle her
from the ceiling fan.
Enid here is running a close second for Queen of My Heart. Her much moodier namesake, Enid Coleslaw, has been keeping us entertained this week. My eldest kid, Kaity, is being Enid (the one from Ghost World) for the day on Friday for her drama final. Our wig-buying options are severely limited in this tiny town of ours however, so a trip to an actual city may be in the cards. Fire up the horseless carriage, we're headin' to town!


  1. I really love Abby, she does look sweet.
    Have you found a wig yet?

  2. Your work always brings a smile - just amazing!!

    ~ Carolee

  3. Thanks Miss Laurence and Carolee :)
    No wig yet. We even braved the local "naughty" shop in hopes of some sort of role play regalia. No luck. Plus, now I have to take my eyeballs out and give them a good washing.

  4. Hello, I found a site for all your wig needs.go to www.spirithalloween.com and type in supermodel black bob wig. It comes with the very affordable price of $12.99. Not bad for such a saucy little wig, and you won't have to do penance for shopping on this site (hardy har har). Good luck with the play and I hope this helped.

  5. Joee ~ Thanks SO much for your nice compliments on my Tarot PC's recently! :)

    SO glad you are back with us in EHAG too!

    Have a great weekend!

    Spooky Hugs,

  6. How gorgeous, I just love Enid :) And Ghost World is a fab movie...

  7. I'm in love with Stripes!!! It's got to be those pinchable pudgy cheeks! Beautiful! Your work is amazing!! Love it!


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