Genetic Engineering

Things are getting a little weird on the ole Cart.
Too much time spent amongst unpacked boxes
can make perfectly ordinary softies go a little wonky.
Still, wonky madness aside, it's good to be in full swing again. The studio is fully functional (OK, so maybe a little dysfunctional) now, and we're getting our groove back. The creatures having been gallivanting endlessly this week, much to our poor nervous dog's chagrin. A one-headed Siamese cat can reign havoc over any household, but two heads come up with all sorts of naughtiness.
The catfish here is mostly just confused.
What exactly is he supposed to eat?
And one minute he likes water, and the next. . .
Let's just say I've had to pull him
down from the ceiling a time or two.
Ah well, at least he doesn't shed.


  1. The catfish is really cute!! The first time I saw a real catfish I was shocked at how huge they were and how not like a fish they looked. They do have a cat like face!! Your two headed cat is adorable...for a two headed cat!!
    Thanks for making me smile!!

  2. Dylan & Jo,
    Your talents are AMAZING! I just LOVE watching your work & someday i pray to be the proud owner of one of your pieces!

    Jo, thanks for stopping by my blog and checking on my baby birdies! Ü They are so sweet!
    Have a GREAT rest of the week you two!

  3. OOo!! I'm thinking I need the oppostie version of the kitty....one head and six arms and legs to 'do' everything that needs to get done!
    but perhaps with two heads I could 'think' quicker...and organize my thoughts better....all household and family items on one side...all art and blog sites on another....hehe!! *But then the 2 heads would probably start talking to one another...and I'm such a gabber that nothing would get done.....:)
    ** I LOVE these little creatures!!

  4. What a lot of imagination! I love the catfish, I'd love to have him as a pet. But then, where would he go? outside or in the pond?

  5. Somebody's been sprucing up the cartblog.



  6. I LOVE these...especially the Siamese twins!!



  7. weird, but wonderful! :)


  8. Your sense of humor just tickles me to no end. I would love to be in your head for a day, how fun that would be! Pam

  9. Dylan & Jo - I'm loving the new look of your blog. See what moving does? Everything gets spruced up!

  10. OMG! I Love the Siamese twin cats! That is the best.

  11. I just LOVE LOVE your stuff...some how I followed a "bunny tail" and landed on your blog site--it is now one of my most favorite places to go for eye candy ;0) The two headed cat is wonderful...I worked up a two headed teddy bear pattern (working out the neck/head arrangement was a bugger!!) You did a seamless job!

  12. I love your sense of humor! Siamese cats and catfish too funny! More of your wonderful creations, you have to love it!


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