It's a minor award!

I 've seen little award icons
here and there in Blogland.
"What fun!" I thought merrily,
so I made one too.
Please feel free to pass it along.
I was thinking I'd award it to my eyeballs' favorite sites.
(You know, ones with lots of visual stimulation.)
My eyeballs couldn't pick just one though,
fickle little buggers, so we settled on three.
***Drumroll Please***

And the winners are. . .

My eyeballs thank you.


  1. Thank you thank you Jo :) Very chuffed to receive an award from YOU!
    I shall be thinking up some worthy recipients soon....
    Take care

  2. Rima- Gosh, I hope CHUFFED is a good thing :)

  3. Jo!
    Such FANTASTIC winners! Amazing choices... and so very well deserving of such a fabulous award! Ü
    Thanks for sharing your favs! They were fun to visit!

  4. Oh thank you, I am so honored!!! I love the award icon you've created...I will repost it and spread the love soon.

    xo Lavona `


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