Tag! I'm it!

I've been tagged. Karin from Countryfolk Keepsakes tagged me and now (after asking what exactly "tag" means) I have to write 5 things about myself and then pass on the taggy goodness. OK, here goes:

1) When I was 7 I was bound and determined to marry Sidney Poitier when I grew up.

2) Clowns totally creep me out. They REALLY creep me out when they are out of context, like at the bank. *shudder*

3) I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show, not the movie. I'm not like a super fan, not running out to get a Xander tattoo or anything, but I have seen every episode. And I think Joss Whedon is a genius.

4) I am certified in CPR and know how to use one of those defibrillator do-hickeys. Don't go feeling like it's safe to have a heart attack around me though, I might just freak out.

5) My mom still calls me Buttonhead. And I don't mind one little bit.

OK, now comes the part when I tag 5 other people. If I can catch them. . .

You're it!


  1. Well, well, well, Buttonhead! :> )How sweet!
    Now I know you didn't marry Sidney unless he changed his name to Dylan.
    Here's the million dollar question... What would you do if you saw a clown in the bank and he needed CPR?
    :> )

  2. Joee, I think we need to do a clown challenge in EHAG... just kidding!
    Clowns are creepy!! (modern day ones) but I have to say that the sideshow freakish type o' clown is kinda cool to me!


  3. thankee for the tag. I did it the other day... and added your name to the post. Thanks sweets !!! Happy New Year !!! Mica from Garb-oodles

  4. Hey Jo! I'll answer your tag after the holidays. Been buried with deadlines but things are looking better next week. Much success in the New Year!

  5. Joee...I also LOVE buffy!! My favorite is the creey old guys that float around with the long finger nails...I think they took peoples voices. Did you see Xander is now on "Criminal minds"!!!

    Have a great creative 2008!!

    Bugs & Hisses

  6. *giggle* hi buttonhead!

  7. Anonymous3/24/2008

    The toys you make are just so great i can't find words to express it. they have just the right tone, so sweet and simple but keeping you wondering) Just love them ALL!

    wishing you all best with your works)


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