New Little Red

A new dolly came to join the Reds on Christmas morning.

An old soul, she has seen some hard days
and is rather suspicious of strangers.
I'm afraid she has met a wolf or two in her long years,
and is all the more careful for it.

It took some coaxing, but Tinker Red is the care-taking sort.
It wasn't long before our new girl was sitting on Tinker's lap.
Squeaky Red is a bit much at first,
what with her incessant chatter,
but she grew on New Red in no time.

Like all little girls, Reds are especially resilient creatures,
and before I knew it they were all merrily exchanging secrets.


  1. Hey Joee!! You've been tagged. Go check out my blog. :> )
    I love your newest LRRH addition!!!

  2. Aw, I love them all. But she and Tinker Red go really well together. Big Sister with Little Sister.

  3. Joee,
    What do you look for when collecting these dolls? I'll watch for you.

  4. R- I don't know what I look for. Small is good (under 12 inches). Nothing too ordinary I guess. Nothing too cutesy. I like cloth best, but there are always exceptions. I don't like "collector's dolls" at all. I like them to be able to sit or stand without assistance. And, of course, the right price is good. I've never spent more than $20. Although I think Dylan spent $50 for the new little one. The gifted ones are priceless though. Oh, and I like red. They are fun to look for cuz they aren't that easy to find. Naturally, when I'm broke I find ten I like.

    Are you e-mail-able again??

    Hugs- J

  5. yay !!! She seems to fit in quite well !!! Happy New year dear !!!

    XO Mica

  6. Your little reds are precious and Dylan did good! It's these kind of gifts that are the most dear to your heart.

    I also love to see your lil reds come up on ebay...they're the best! =o)

    Hugs! *Lori


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