And now for something completely different. . .

Here's my fave this week-

Funny little conjoined cuteness.

Making this was little different for me,
what with having splinter possibilities
instead of just the usual pin pokes.
I had to make their little arms move, of course.
Gotta be able to play with it.
I liked the image so much
I made a linoleum block print with it too.
Can't show you that yet though,
I'm still experimenting. (Mwah ha ha!)


  1. Hi! I just found you by clicking on the "next blog" button!! And, I am so glad! What you do is wonderful! I'll be back to snoop around more. Thanks for making my day!!
    Visit me sometime!!
    I live in Oregon.

  2. Hi Jo,

    I just love it!! Its adorable!!
    The arms move...that is fantastic!
    I love the way you paint the faces!! You are very talented!!
    Wishing you many bids!

  3. Your work is fabulous!! keep creating!love it! Debra

  4. Hello Jo! Yes, Oregon is the most beautiful place to live!! There are so many corners to explore, drink in the beauty....and not have to pay admission!
    Are you a full time artist? It looks like you are from the wonderful array of things I see. There are a lot of questions in my head I'd like to ask you but I'll spare you.
    Here is what you call the violets...whiteviolets...:) There is a tiny bit of violet on the petals. I did pick one so I could look at it closely. I see a nature journal in my future!!

  5. Different is good, and you tackled it quite well! What clever fun :) Looking forward to what you've got brewing next.....

    ~ Johanna

  6. I LOVE IT! They almost look like cookies to me! LOL! I really like the muted colors...everything looks so great Joee! Pam

  7. I absolutely LOVE your dolls and art.

  8. Joee!

    This is amazing! One of my favorites this week for sure!!!


  9. Wonderful, as always!!

    ~ Carolee

  10. TOO Cute! I just love your work.

  11. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! :)

    Spooky Chris


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