Birds on the Brain

I've got birds on the brain this week.

Must be a longing for Spring.

I made this one with a mask.

The brilliant adjustable wing design is my sweet Dylan's doing, clever man. The mask started as a plastic yogurt container. Then I made an armature with aluminum foil and paper mache'd the whole thing with paper towels and white glue. I like the single-ply cheap brown paper towels (the ones they have in public schools) best for this. I soak the strips of towels in water first, then paint them with white glue and build up 3 or 4 overlapping layers. After that was dry (with a little help from the radiator), I evened everything out with paper clay. Then sculpted the eyes and stuff. The little "feathers" peeking out are made with cotton batting.

For more pictures of her you can click here.


Remember that conjoined pair from last week?

Well I liked them so much I had to make a lino block out of them. Haven't done one of those since I was a kid (which was longer ago than it feels). I actually made three blocks, one for the conjoined cuteness, and one for each arm.

I printed it on fabric and made a little softie. Aren't they sweet? I think they need something to hold though. That'll be a project for next week.

I had so much fun playing with the carving tools,

that I made another one too--

A bird (of course) with a button-jointed wing.

How have you stepped outta the box lately?


  1. I love artists who share process and aren't afraid to say that their beautiful work started out with a yogurt container. This is an amazing creation! And I love the prints, too - I am a printmaker from waaaaay back but haven't done lino prints. I wonder why not?

    You're so inspiring!

  2. Joee!
    I want that bird girl!!!! FABULOUS!!!


  3. The birds belong in children books. Actually come to think of it have you ever thought of having your creations painted for a book? That would be so awesome...

  4. Wow Jo, I love these. You are so prolific! Your work really is fantastic .. I love that it has that dark and odd edge to it :)
    Three cheers for Cart Before the Horse!
    Rima x

  5. Wow! Such beautiful and inspiring work! I'm so glad to have found your blog.

  6. Thank you Dixie, Tink, Enzie, Rima, and Fairiesnest!

    Enzie- Dylan (that's my husband and the other half of The Cart) and I would love to do children's books someday. He's a wonderful writer.

  7. I love your linos! So, so nice!! And the bird, natch. The soap doesn't taste too icky, but even if it did, it would be worth it for the benefits, capice? Luv youse! We're hoping maybe we can stop by for a visit this summer - we will be heading north this year... you game?

  8. These are nothing short of amazing Joee! The bird with the mask.........sheer genious! Keep up the fantastic work you two!

    I just Love coming to your blog to look at all the eye candy! =D

    A fan forever!


  9. What box? Is there a box?
    My husband says I have never recognized that there was a box. He is certain that i dont know what that is... I tend to agree and it is nice to know someone with the same concepts...
    You can see my work at www.ferryfolk.com
    It is a pleasure to visit your site though.


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