Bunnies Bunnies Bunnies!

Easter is sneaking up
on quiet little bunny paws.
It's so early this year! But the daffodils
are peeking their cute yellow heads out of the ground,
so I suppose it's reasonable timing.
I've got bunnies on the brain this week, trying to fit in some Eastery ones before the day is upon us.
I love bunnies and will make them all year,
fertile little softies that they are. They bring out my girly-ness.
Here are some that we made this past week:

Easter always makes me think of white patent leather shoes, and that horrible plastic Easter basket grass, and those plastic eggs that break in half to reveal half-melted jelly beans, and the smell of vinegar in mugs full of Paas egg dye.

Even though my kids are getting big now (12 & 15) they still insist upon the yearly Easter egg hunt. And of course, I put Easter baskets together every year; although I must admit the baskets have gotten smaller and smaller over the years. (How many black jelly beans must I find tucked in odd corners and half-eaten chocolate bunnies toss out before I get the hint?)
How 'bout you? What are your traditions?


  1. I love your bunnies. No unusual Easter traditons at our house.

  2. These are absolutely fantastic, I adore the last two on the chair, delightful

  3. Anonymous3/07/2008

    I love your heart bunny and your icecream one. (We do an easter egg hunt too!

  4. Your bunnies are so magical Joee!!! I remember Easter Sunday as a child at Church, because they always had a trumpet to accompany the hymns that day and it was the most beautiful way to sing. (pretty much so no one else could hear ;0)


  5. Joee,

    ONLY you will laugh at my soft memories of Bunnies:

    I had one as a kid. My folks bought it off a farm for me for Easter. It bit me. It died. It had rabies. I nearly died. The injections - one into the gut every day for 14 days - pain like none other - put a slight sour on my relationship to Bunnies.



  6. Oh, Ronn. . .
    Only YOU and Elmer Fudd could have tramatic memories associated with bunny wabbits.

  7. These bring a smile to my face!

  8. Oh Joee,

    Tttthhhhhaaaaaaaat's not tttttawoo! Ppppppeskkkky dahn ddddiseased wwwwwabbbbits!


  9. Oooohhhhhhhhh...........I want me some bunny lovin'! =D YOurs are just the sweetest Jo!

    Hugs! *Nana

  10. lovely bunnies....and for safe (ie edible) Easter eggs...dye them in onion skins. much nicer and always beautiful!


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