Four months, really?!

I can't believe how long it has been since I lasted visited Bloglandia. I put it on my schedule and everything! But alas, time management continues to elude me. It's not like I'm twiddling away my minutes, I just have so much I want to do with so few hours in a day. So I want to catch up. I'll start by playing show 'n' tell. This is what I made since our last visit. . . (Some of these arty tidbits are still in the shop.)

Well, some of what I made. There were other things too, but I either neglected to take pictures or I took pictures and they're hiding somewhere in the mess that is my picture folder. Some of the things were commissioned pieces, and some were for me. Like the outhouse! Yep, I made an outhouse. OK, truth be told, my brother made an outhouse for me, but I totally helped. It still needs a roof, and paint, and a moon on the door, but it's still the height of luxury here on the ole Cart! 
Other stuff I've made since my last visit:
-Many, many messes
-A bed/couch for the studio
-A room transformation (turned my room into a room for College Boy)
-More messes
-Girl Scout projects with my niece
-New friends
-Daisy chains
-A schedule
-Doctor appointments
-Tomato salad
- Etcetera, ad infinitum. . .

There are also lots of things I didn't make. Important things, like enough money to keep my car from being repossessed; and unimportant things, like my bed. But that's a different story. I choose to give my attention to the things I did manage to do.

Now I'm off to make more stuff!
Hope you're all having a happy day.


  1. I was so happy to see that you had blogged and to see all that you have created. I am sorry to read about your car. Please keep going. You have more talent than you know.

  2. I am so happy you are blogging again! Boo to the news on your car, I am so sorry. Hooray for the many beautiful new creations though! You are amazing!!

  3. Glad to hear you are able to focus on the wonderful things you have done and birthed into this world-- big hugs <3

  4. Wonderful makes and wonderful to hear from you Jo! Keep on keeping on, I truly do believe that following your bliss can only lead to wondrous things. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and energy, Deb xo

  5. Yay for blogging the positive! Daisy chains and tomato salads are awesome. I fully expect to see tomato people in daisy chains. (I didn't mention the car. We're blogging the positive here!)


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