Moons, Socks, and Things with Wings

In between bouts of pounding my head against this computer screen (learning stuff is proving to be more challenging than I imagined),  I managed to do the kind of thing I'm actually good at.
Aislynn here insisted upon a make-over. She wanted wings. (And really, who could blame her?) 
Here she is holding court. She's MUCH bigger than my usual fare, so the other goodies have no choice but to look up to her.
Emerald, the anthropomorphic pine tree, is generally unimpressed.
 Celeste and Harvey are just plain cute. . .
 . . . as is Honey Bee. She's a happy sort, but she promises to like you even if you're having a bad day/week/year.
Olivander, Oliver, and Olivia don't care one way or the other.
 However Percival, Oxford, and Princeton, are always cheering for your success. . .
. . .while Edgar and Allen have no qualms about laughing when you trip.
And this sweet oddity is Skellyfly. She's my favorite this week. I love her strange little buggy arm/legs.
And now I must return to things that are far less fun. Computery-numbery-mathy-type things. I bought myself some stripey socks though, as a reward for my perseverance. It's scientifically proven that striped socks make everything just a little more fun.

Hope you're all having a stripey-socks kind of day!


  1. I like wearing fun socks too, it makes us smile:)
    Love the new pieces and i like her with wings.


  2. She is gorgeous! And the wings are a great decision indeed.
    And the owls! So many beautiful owls in this post:)

  3. Stripy socks are magic! And wearing them make magical things happen...

  4. This is all just so adorable! I love the Honey Bee!

  5. LOL, stripey-socks, the perfect antidote to computer/boring stuff woes Jo! And LOVE all your new creations, Olivander, Oliver and Olivia have stolen my heart <3


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