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Here's what's in the works this morning.
(I've heard that life is just a bowl of cherries, but this is something way sillier.)

With Dylan out of commission I've had to take on all his maker duties on top of my regularly scheduled shenanigans. That is, the sewing and stuffing part. Oh sure, I know how to sew. But Dylan is something special, able to turn the tiniest of limbs without so much as a curse word. I however am an entirely different kind of special when it comes to sewing, but I gotta say that I held my own. I may have required supervision, but see those goat horns up there? I did that! Not as gracefully (or G-rated) as Dylan might have, nor as quickly, but in the end they turned out every bit as good as his. Hooray! Today I get to start on the part that I feel much more comfortable with, the drawing and base-painting bit (no curse words required). I've also got 3 more Halloweeny sculpted pieces in the works. See that smiley punkinhead down there? He's gonna be a clown. That's right, I'm facing my fears! He may turn out to be the stuff that nightmares are made of, but I'm hoping we'll be friends.

And speaking of sculpted pieces, I just had to share this wonderful pic sent by Cornelius's new caretaker!

She assures me that he'll be joined shortly by his Halloween brethren, but for now he's enjoying hanging out with all the Sams. Isn't this a wonderful collection? I recognize several of the artists represented. Can't wait to see her Halloweeny stuff! And for any of you misguided souls out there thinking that it's too early to be thinking about Halloween, might I remind you that it's practically September which is practically October.


  1. Personally it is never the wrong time for Fall and Halloween. I seem to make things for that time of year more than any other time.
    What an amazing collection of Sam's and of course your candy corn guy!

  2. Hi Jo and Dylan!

    Ah... you have made it! I am so happy.
    I have been away for a long time, just checking to see how you are doing. Our eldest son died 2 months ago. We have had a rough time.

    Ow I love your van. I will be back more often!

    Love, Kitty

  3. Can't wait to see the finished pieces! Love them.


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