The First Batch

Hooray, the first batch of goodies made entirely here in the wheelie house are all done! 
It took longer than I anticipated, mostly because of not being able to find stuff and also having to cart water back and forth every time I needed to rinse out my paint cup. (Running water is still not something that we've got going on at the moment.)  I'm so pleased with this first batch of goodies a la Cart. Working at my table all week has given me a much needed sense of normalcy. I don't need a whole lot of normal in my life, but these past couple of weeks have been so crazy that a bit of normalcy was much appreciated.

Cornelius Sweets, Fric and Frac McGuiness, and Serendipity.
They're all one-of-a-kinds, and are available now in the shop.

Update on Dylan's digits:
Thanks to all who have sent get-wells to Dylan! He's still all wrapped up in bandages and such and is mighty restless having to just sort of sit around, but he's healing. We go back to the surgeon's in a week for a progress report. I'll let you know how it goes. 

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  1. I love Cornelius Sweets! Glad Dylan is healing and hopefully you will get a good report from the surgeon.


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