Two Dimensions and Today's Table

I just felt like doing some little paintings of some of my favorites.
It was a nice change of pace from my usual 3-dimensional fare.

And here's a little peak at this morning's table. They'll all be done this evening, if all goes according to plan. Dylan has been too busy trying to make the wheelie house livable to do anything else, so I had to dust off my sewing skills. I was MUCH slower than Dylan, but I did it! I feel like a little kid going around saying, "All by myself!" I'm pretty sure that this will be the last batch made in this house. Gonna spend the rest of the weekend doing moving stuff. Only 5 more days til we're in the wheelie house! Hopefully by next weekend I'll have made my first goodies in our new mobile studio. Well, at least ONE goody. Everybody cross your fingers for me! (I could really really use it!)

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