Step-by-Step Silliness and Mismatched Socks

 I love seeing stuff in progress, don't you?
So while I was making this sweet trio, I snapped some pics.
Panda                      Owl                          Kitty

Today I'm making 5 little paintings of some past favorites. Feels odd to work in only two dimensions. I'll show them to you when they're a little further along.

And speaking of being further along, it's only 9 more days til we load up The Cart and hit the road! Dylan keeps plugging away at it. It's coming together, but it's still a long way from being done. Fortunately, our first stop will be my brother's house where we'll finish everything. He's super handy too, so between him and Dylan it'll come together quicker. In between trips to the dump/recycling center, I'll take some more Before pics to show you the progress soon. It's all so exciting! (And quite nerve-wracking, truth be told.) We were able to get rid of probably 70% of our stuff at the moving sale last weekend, and now our remaining possessions are in the process of being reduced to 3 piles-- Stuff that needs to come with us, stuff that needs to be stored indefinitely, and stuff that College Boy will need for his dorm but doesn't need now. We're trying to make the Storage pile as small as possible, but there are still many things that I don't want to part with forever. Art mostly, of course. It's really quite liberating (and eye-opening) doing such a thorough editing of all of our possessions. For instance, we've unearthed 57 mismatched socks! 57!! How is that even possible??

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  1. its very exciting, are u going to sell your house?


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