Special Thanks

Dylan made a little Thank You video for everyone who backed our Kickstarter project.
We'll be making and sending along thank you notes to everybody this week, and we'll start making the actual rewards once we're settled into the Wheelie House. We're still waiting for Amazon Payments to make funds available to us so that we can get stuff like flooring, a compost toilet, and a refrigerator, but in the meantime we've been able to get some stuff from Amazon online. Our first purchases include curtain rods and fabric to make curtains, an Ott light for my worktable, and a water hose.

Thank you once again to everybody who helped to make our Kickstarter campaign a success!


  1. Look at you as a little kid! That bow tie was bigger than you were...But I think that is very exciting my name will be found, in the Future, in an Olive Oil Bottle!! My name is also on the wall in a bar in Poland somewhere..I forget the city. But I think my Name in your Olive Oil Bottle is even MORE Thrilling!!! I hope you will have an explanation, to go with our names, so the people discovering the Olive Oil Bottle will not think we all just worked in an Italian Restaurant or something...
    Your Blast Off was very Impressive!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Loved the video and I'm honored to included in your time capsule :O) And what a fun rocket ride, thanks Dylan! Deb


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