Making Moonheads

 I always like to see in-progress pics, don't you?  So even though these moonbeams are all done now and on their way to far off destinations I thought I'd share anyway. 

Here they are drying overnight on my drying rack (cheapo box fan turned face-up) after round two of sculpting. First round was craters, second was faces, and third was all the detaily detail bits. 

Here they are after all the detaily detail bits, then more drying time, then sanding. Now comes the first coat of paint. Dark gray. Nice and thick.

Then another coat of paint, this time dry-brushed. Light gray.

Then another coat of paint, also dry-brushed. White.

Then they got warmed up with a watery wash of burnt umber. It sneaks into all the craters and crevices, then I immediately wipe it off. 

Then I busted out the teeny tiny brushes and painted them some eyes, gave their lips a little bit of color. . .

. . .and they came to life!

College Girl was in the third grade before we realized that she needed glasses. Up until then she had no idea what we were talking about when we said stuff like "the man in the moon is singing tonight." To her, the moon was just a bright dot. She was so happy when she finally saw it through her new eyes.


  1. So fun to see them come to life! Will you two be traveling around giving classes now too?

  2. These are amazingly beautiful. Pure delight!

  3. Sheesh - those eyes are AWESOME!!! And, I LOVE the progress pictures!!!

  4. gosh..... you really are a magician....... you bring amazing things to life in the simplest of ways.
    you must breathe fairy dust ......

    thanks for be so incredible and sharing your "human" process with all of us.
    It is probably impossible to share the "magic"...... since it just IS what you do....



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