Aftermath, Sneaky-Peeky, and Winner #7

Just wanted to do some more before pics of the wheelie house, but there's not much of a see-able difference since the last pics. We finished painting, the cabinet doors have been put up, and Dylan has done some behind-the-walls stuff, but we're sort of at  a standstill til we get our Kickstarter funds (which should be within the next two weeks). In the meantime, I thought I'd share some of the wheelie house related mess that has accumulated. Even with Dylan reusing lots of stuff we've managed to salvage, there are still lots and lots of random bits left over. 

This is the yucky propane-powered fridge that we'll be replacing with an energy saving electric one. And all the moldy carpet that was in the "basement" area. Yuck!

We're continuing to use and recycle what we can and will donate any usable parts to a salvage yard before taking the rest to the dump. Both of us hate contributing to landfill, but we gotta do what we gotta do. In the meantime we're making lists of stuff that needs to be bought once our Kickstarter money comes. And, of course, continuing to make art. Here's a peek at what's in the works for Sunday. . .

And one more order of business. . .

Now the give-away is done. We'll get the prizes out to the lucky winners toot sweet.
Thanks for playing, everybody!


  1. ...hee,hee...All I can think is "squee!" [now clapping hands] :o)

    ...Congrat's you two!

    ...Have a lovely weekend!

    ...Peace & blessings. :o)

  2. It always looks worse before it looks better Jo, hang in there! Can't wait to see your new moon inspired creations. Congratulations to all of the lucky winners and thanks so much for your generous giveaway! Deb

  3. Thank you so much! Just sent you an e-mail. :)


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