Is it Spring yet?

I've been spotting signs of Spring and the sun has even been showing itself here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The countdown to launch (that's what Dylan has been calling the day when we move into our new wheelie house) is steadily ticking away. Dylan has been in major destructo-mode out in the RV itself, while I've been assigned more of the in-house stuff. Editing continues. So many tiny decisions everyday. . . Should I sell or donate, keep or store? How many pairs of socks are too many? 5? 10? And why do I have so many mismatched socks?? I usually do some sort of Spring cleaning this time of year, but this is ridiculous.


  1. You have such a unique artistic vision.

  2. Your adorable skelly girly looks equally cute AND stunned at having a bouquet! Don't work yourself so hard that YOU become a skelly! LOOOOOVE YOU, lil' Jo!!!


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