Bunny Rabbits and Owls

Yay for bunnies!
It's looking mighty Springtimey here on the ole Cart.

These new bunny friends will go in the shop
Sunday March 10, NOON Pacific Time.


Meanwhile, the downsizing continues. So I've decided to put some of my collections up for sale. First up, the owls!

I've collected these guys for years, snatching them up at garage sales and thrift shops and antique stores. I had painted them all black last Halloween, but since then decided to make them all metallic-like. There are brass ones, ceramic ones, some-sort-of-rock ones, and a heavy one that must be made of cast iron. I'm thinking I'll put them in groups of three and stick them in the shop as I get the listings made. But not today. The weather is so pretty here today that I'm being distracted by the possibility of a picnic.


  1. I love the owl assortment..and the bunnies are so adorable.

  2. It is torture to wait for the bunnies!

  3. I looooove the bunnies! The little one second to last on the right is my favorite.

  4. OMG I want those owls now.

  5. The bunnies are wonderful and i am partial to the darker faces.
    I need to downsize too, mine is a cat collection.


  6. Прикольные кролики. А семейство сов просто чудо.

  7. absolutely lovely, I love your work ♥♥

  8. ...Oh my. *swoons* I'm loving the lil' runt bunny down at the end. They're all adorable Jo! :o)

    ...Enjoy your day & do that picnic! ;o)

    ...Blessings to ya.


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