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 Hi! I've been feeling kinda guilty about completely ignoring my blog lately. I keep just trying though. I've been feeling especially creative lately, but also sort of all over the place. Ever feel like that? Anyway, here's some of what's in the works today. . .

I making some more heart-in-hand Valentines. A couple of these are a little less sweet than the others. But let's face it, sometimes love isn't all lollipops and rainbows.

Speaking of rainbows, I'm making a scrappy quilt in my spare minutes. I can't promise I'll ever finish it (like the one in this very old post that periodically mocks me with its undone-ness to this day) but I'm gonna give it a valiant effort. I'm attempting to whittle down my fabric stash. I spent a good deal of yesterday making 2.5" x 16" strips, of which I'll need 6 for each block. And I manged to make quite a dent in the fabric pile! I thought I had SOOOOOO many strips, surely enough for two giant quilts, but really I only had enough for 16 blocks. *sigh* And I need 42 (or so) blocks. And my scrap piles is looking mighty puny. Now normally I would take this as a perfect opportunity to do a bit of fabric shopping, but we are planning a major down-sizing of our Cart Kingdom in a few months, so new fabric is not allowed. Luckily, some fabric-addict friends have taken pity on my odious lack of scrappiness and are sending in reinforcements (in the form of more scraps). Hooray!! (Seriously, I'm way too excited about the prospect of more fabric scraps.)


  1. I made a TON of Christmas stockings (to sell) last Fall with my huge pieces of fabric that I'd had way too long. They were a big hit! I'll be making more this year!

  2. I can relate to being scattered. Sometimes ideas come in so quickly and I start this and that. Ugh.. As for scrap quilts, I have been ripping strips of denim to make a quilt. I have several piles, but am in need of more denim. I also have a crazy quilt in the works for my grandson, using childrens scraps from a friend of mine. I just have to start plugging away, a little each day. I keep expecting a day where I have a large amt of time to sit down and quilt. I'm still waiting....

  3. LOVE all the new work! Especially the heart with the stitches!! And I would love to send you some fabric I'm in the middle of destashing.

  4. omg you're so creative! thosefigure has never been crossed my mind. XD keep up inspring works

  5. Can I send you some scrap material? I'm doing some de-stashing myself.


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