Lumpy Head, Triple-Cute, and Fuzzy-Horned Sweetness

Remember this paperclay-headed pair from Saturday?
Well, I thought you might like to see who they turned in to.

The wolf-shaped one turned into a companion for Little Red. The wolf-shaped one turned into a wolf? I know, shocking. You can see them, joined by a half dozen of their closest friends, in that last post down there.

The lumpy-headed one turned into this winsome fellow-

You can tell by his dreamy expression that his head is in the clouds. He doesn't seem to mind a little precipitation.

I finished up a bunch more of the little oddities on Saturday too. This one perplexes Dylan, but I like the little thing. Things? Whatever, they're triple cute.
I got to work on my poppy quilt a bit on Sunday. yay! It's coming along. All the poppies are done (totally hand-stitched no less), and I'm starting to sew them onto squares.Then the squares are becoming strips. Eventually there will be other strips in between the squarely strips, but that's as far as I've gotten in my "planning".

I'm hard at play on a brand new batch of beasties now.
There are masks, and Jacks, and skellies-- Oh my!
No sneak peeks yet, but here's a glimpse of a fuzzy-horned bit of sweetness that I spied visiting us this morning.

Hope you're all having a delightful Thursday.


  1. If it is possible to fall in love with someone's work, I am in love with yours. Brilliant.

  2. Hi, I was wondering where you got the idea for the cloud with raindrops?

  3. Your new art dolls are amazing as always and I absolutely love the quilt..the deer isn't bad too! LOL
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I adore your cloud man with rain drops! Wonderful! :)

  5. Hi Jo, You must work in your sleep, the amount of work that you produce is phenomenal. I do like the paperclay fox and cloud, the quilt looks like an Enlish field of poppies. I'm amazed.

  6. Hi Jo,
    I'm so glad I found your blog. I've been an admirer of your guys work for some time. You were one of the Artist that inspired me to get back to work. You're creations always have the ability to enthrall and inspire at the same time. It's like stepping through the looking glass. Keep up the wonderful work.

  7. Jo these new pieces are amazing. I think the cloud a tear drop fellow is a scream. I can relate to him. Then those deer....what can I say? They are a constant here in my neighborhood and they make driving a real challenge, something you don't have to encounter on the Jersey turnpike:)

  8. Oh. My. Look at that red quilt would ya!. My mind is spinning. Keep us updated.

  9. Anonymous8/01/2009

    The quilt is looking really good. Love the colors. The cloud head guy is too fun. Love him. Have a good day. xo PJ

  10. Anonymous8/01/2009

    oops, forgot. I have a new address. pjhornberger.com thanks!

  11. Hey Joee...I Had to laugh at your "lumpy" cause that is pretty much what I look like after having a tooth pulled, lol.

    Your imagination is like a room full fairy tales and other childrens books that have come alive!...never a dull moment and always changing. I love it! Pam

  12. Thanks for the compliment on my music. I sort of have pretty eclectic taste. It's always fun to find people who enjoy some of the same tunes as I do.

    Can't wait to send off you package (will do when my mom & little sis leave) I found the most fun Little Red Riding Hood book the other day and added it to the box. If I wait a few more weeks I'm going to have to get a different box to ship things in because I keep finding all the fun things to add to the box :)

    P.S. The cloud girl is just too much. Very cute! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  13. I'd LOOOOOVE a peek inside your mind! There have to be all sorts of wheels turning and bright colors shooting sparks, and all SORTS of amazing music going on! I came over here to visit your blog & immediately my whole DAY is better! Love your cloudy-with-raindrops figure! I have to laugh at my own misconstrued thinking, too! I never figured you for a quilter! Quilting seems like such a quiet type of creating and - well - I just told you how I envision your mind! LOL! Anyway, the poppy quilt is vibrant and beautiful! Oh! And the deer? A dear!

  14. Is the cloud person for sale? Wonderful piece of art.


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