Today's Table

Finishing the second of 4 quilted paintings I've got in the works today, and moving on to #3. Dylan has them all stitched up for me and ready to paint. They're draped over the back of my yellow chair waiting for my full attention. In the meantime I made a mushroom, a goat, and a kitty. We're hoping to get back into the rhythm of having a new batch of one-of-a-kinds (or at least ONE) ready every Sunday, like we used to. That means we'll be phasing out most of the limited editions over the next month or two. (So if you've had your eye on a particular piece, best get it soon.) So many exciting ideas racing around the Cart right now!


  1. Love your quilts. i'm a painter, but have never tried painting on fabric.

  2. Your table pics always make me smile! Someday I will own a piece. :)

    ♥ Carolee

  3. Your quilted paintings are wonderful!

  4. Wow those quilted paintings are great! I will say though Im a sucker for that mushroom guy!

  5. Gorgeous works, Jo! So lovely to see you exploring new mediums. :)


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