It's true, I'm a lucky girl.

My very favorite presents are handmade, and this Christmas treated me very well! 

Boy Kid drew me a picture of Lulu Dog. I love it! It looks just like her.
Dylan got me these little anthropomorphic mushrooms made by my uber-talented friend Megan over at The Merry Ghost. So cute!

We commissioned a portrait to commemorate our sweet Tuzy from one of my favorite artists, Jennifer Davis. I really love how it turned out!

And my adorable little mother-dear got me an amazingly gorgeous, totally hand-quilted, red and white quilt! I've always wanted a red and white quilt!


And this last bit isn't exactly a Christmas present, and wasn't for me, but Dylan made it over our Christmas break, so it kinda counts. He made a short video for our friend Matt Mercurio showcasing some of Matt's art. I'm continually amazed by all the awesome stuff my sweet Dylan can do.

I'm a very lucky girl indeed.


  1. What wonderful treasures and from the heart and those we love, makes them all the more special.


  2. You are LUCKY because you are WONDERFUL, and wonderful ATTRACTS lucky! Love the drawings/paintings, the mushrooms ROCK, and the red & white quilt ... sigh! I'm crazy about red & white ANYTHING and crazier about red & white QUILTS! As for Dynamic Dylan - what can I say? He amazes me, makes me think, makes me want to try new stuff, and - oh, yeah - CRACKS ME UP most of the time! HUGS to you both!


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