Something-New Sunday? Not quite.

I admit it, there is way too much going on around the ole Cart this week. My brain has been a flurry of creativity, but not particularly balanced this past week. A little lot too heavy on starting stuff and not so much in a finishing sort of mode. I did manage to finish any orders that came in, but in all my extra hours and minutes I was just jumping from one thing to another all crazy-like. So this week will be about finishing stuff. Everything on this table will be done by this time next week. There, I've said it, so now it has to happen. 
And we just received some of the fabric I designed and it's frickin' awesome! We love Spoonflower. Seriously. But this batch isn't just fabric for fabric's sake. We'll be using it to make little stuffed goodies. 
And we finally got all those pesty format issues figured out and have a big stack of printed goodness back from the printshop. Yay! So now we're all set to finish a project that I started working on a month ago. You can see its beginnings here. I'm hoping to have this all done and ready by September 1st. There, I've said it, so now that has to happen too.
And as if I haven't already started too much, I got an itch to begin Christmas designs too!  My brain is a fickle, wayward, willful beast. You see now why I have to reign it in?
So I'm off to finish what I've started now.
I can't promise I won't start anything new though (just being realistic).


  1. I enjoy your posts! So many types of art you are amazing. Have a great and productive week!

  2. Love the black on white look, can't wait to see how it comes out. I have some vintage looking halloween material, need to use it.


  3. Anonymous8/20/2012

    Oh how lovely everything is turning up! And yes- Spoonflower ROCKS!

    I'm right there with ya though- an idea hits and I'm off starting it and not finishing it! I have so many blank faces staring at me from my studio table I'm starting to get a complex.

  4. Hahahahaaa! It's so fun hearing about your projects and wanting to start a bunch of new ones. I can get that way too, but I end up reigning it in somehow. Glad to help you stick to a few by just writing that you'll do it. Coincidentally, I work that way too. If I tell someone I'll do something, I feel obligated to get it done and not to stray from it. Bravo on so many great ideas and projects! Love the pumpkins and the peppermint striped cheshire cat!

  5. Gasp! Who is that tall skelly fellow?? Can't wait to see that one!


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