One is a Lonely Number

Each of these is the only one. Either they're an only child (one-of-a-kind*), or all their siblings have already struck out on their own and they're the last one left on the Cart. It's not that I don't like having them around, it's just that everybody deserves a home of their own. 


  1. Wonderful pieces and I see the pup is gone, such fun characters. I like the mini ornaments, great idea for the tree since my kitties love to break things and a way that some of us can afford to own some of your wonderful art.


  2. Your work is just so beautiful!

  3. Ah, when you put it that way it seems so sad. Yes, I agree these wonderful creations deserve happy homes of their own!

  4. EEEEEKS! I SWEAR I've read ALL your posts, lil' Jo! But I've had to RACE through reading with barely ANY comments because of our crappy weather the last almost TWO SOLID WEEKS! You KNOW I love & drool over all your wonderful creations, these being no exception! Hope you, Dylan, the kids, EVERYONE is well & finding tons of reasons to smile! LOOOOVE YOU!

  5. Anonymous7/15/2012

    wow...these are awesome...i love them!!!!


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