Today's Table (Work in Progress)

Here's a peek at this morning's worktable--
A stately fairy queen waits for an appropriately magnificent pair of butterfly wings (and a bit of blush and lip color).
And I finally finished that leafy baby-faced thing! Unfortunately, I found a spot in my studio where it looks just TOO good, so parting with it may be kinda tricky. It'll most likely go up for sale on Sunday though.

In the meantime, we're off to visit College Girl! I absolutely cannot wait to wrap her up in some mom hugs. She got her first apartment, and a cat, both of which she can't wait to show us. And she's turning 20 years old! Holy crap. I remember when Dylan and I turned 20. Yes, we were married young. So young in fact that our folks had to buy the champagne for our wedding. And guess what, we still like each other. Take that, statisticians! 

Hope you're all defying the odds today.


  1. Eres fascinante!!!

  2. Enjoy the trip, it can get hot in wallyworld!! Have to bring a fan to my inlaws since they don't have airconditioning! Milton Freewater has a great old drive in movie theater, 6 bucks for 2 movies always so much fun!!

    1. I'm afraid we may melt. I'm kinda snowman shaped, and have about the same tolerance for heat ;)

  3. Have a great trip! And that all looks lovely! Glad to see the leafy baby-faced thing finished;) It's beautiful indeed!


  4. Черная Королева! Здорово!

  5. Anonymous6/21/2012

    LOVE the stately queen!

    Isn't beating the odds sweet? Your happy marriage shows in every piece you two create!

  6. Just love the Queen! Sometimes when I paint something, I want to keep it too.

  7. Wow. Gorgeous new work. The fairy queen is amazing. Can't wait to see her with wings. The leafy, plant creature is so cute. Yeah, I understand why it'd be hard to part with them. Have fun with college girl! How wonderful that you've defied expectations and all that jazz!! Whoo hoo!!!

  8. I like your blog. you are very creativ :)


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