Today's Table

Here's a peek at what I'm working on today-
There are way too many things hovering in the wings for me to pay attention to right now. Sometimes I get all scatter-brained if I look at everything at once. So I write lists, and do silly little victory dances as I cross things off. Everything on today's table will (hopefully) be done by bedtime. Then I'll write a new list in the morning. If anyone were to come across one of my lists, out of context and all, it would undoubtedly appear to be the ramblings of a crazy person. For instance, today's list looks like this (only in a much more scritchy scratchy script):

-base paint alligator
-chocolate skulls
-gather and fold accordion bits
-snap on-the-table pics
-stain everything
-drill and finish accordion
-base paint skull
-draw everybody
-stain skull
-paint everybody

There are separate lists for groceries and house stuff.
Now excuse me while I cross off "bloggity" and do a little victory dance.


  1. Wow, that sounds familiar, especially the "Victory Dances" part :D For what it's worth your table looks especially beautiful today wishing you a progressive, creative day while busying between black skulls & joyful butterflies

  2. Wooohooo! Another list-maker! Me, too! But your table is something I could NEVER replicate! WOW, WOW, AND DOUBLE WOW! Just LOOK at all the pretties! Sigh! Have a happy day, lil' Jo!

  3. It will never cease to amaze me the tiny arms and legs you work with. Everything looks beautiful!

  4. if i found that list i would wish i was you. haha, i can't remember ever seeing a more fun looking to do list!


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