The Band

Whistle Bird's belting out a tune, Benedict (a lefty) is on rhythm guitar, Little Red's playing lead, and Sheldon wails on the squeeze box while Yellow Rabbit taps out a beat. They just sort of make up the words as they go along. Something about popsicles and earmuffs. . .

So. Much. Silliness.


  1. Earmuffs and Popsicles

    The Earmuffs sing a terrible song.
    It's very, very loud
    and three yards long.
    The only thing that shuts them up
    is hot orange popsicles,
    served in a cup.

    The Earmuffs sing a dreadful ditty,
    Because they can't hear themselves, isn't it a pity?
    And only the popsicles, citrus sour,
    will stop them singing for half an hour.

    So, if you hear the Earmuffs, singing loud,
    Don't just stand there, one of the crowd,
    Offer them popsicles from the ice cream tin,
    and ask them sweetly if you can join in!

  2. Anonymous3/23/2012

    There should be more of it(silliness) in the World! Your your whimsy.

  3. I must say your critter-people, particularly Lil' Red, are extremely diversified! Such TALENT for such tiny beings! LOL! I love it when you play with your toys, Jo!


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