Something-New Sunday

Aisling Butterfly
Dahlia Catrina

I really like these latest creations, especially Dahlia. I didn't realize how much I like painting flowers. 
There are lots of them on Dahlia and her birdy friend. Thirteen of them, to be precise.(Yes, I counted.)
Did you know that some people are afraid of the number 13? It's true. 
There's even a big fancy Latin word for it- triskaidekaphobia
I've got some silly fears of my own, but numbers aren't among them.
How about you? Any irrational fears?


  1. Wow! Both are sooo beautiful! Your work is Amazing!!

  2. ...Love 'em both! And your flowers are beautiful! You know, I have never seen a face that you've done that I didn't like. :o)

    ...I guess I have a fear of dying. I guess my biggest fear is that there is nowhere after this. I have faith but some days I just have to wonder that once that curtain is drawn and the lights go down that's it. :o\

    ...Now on a lighter note I'm hoping you all have a great week and are managing to get out of the studio and enjoy this glorious Spring time! :o)

    ...Enjoy your day1

    ...Blessings :o)

  3. First of all, I saw the word triskaidekaphobia and immediately noted it contains my name - KAI! The funny thing IS - I was BORN on the 13th, I turned 13 on the 13th, and - except for the year Hurricane Ike hit at EXACTLY midnight on my birthday (grrrr) I've always LOVED being a 13-er! But I AM fearful of 2 things that others would consider irrational, although I know WHY they terrorize me: Big dogs & (SHUDDER) LIZARDS, SALAMANDERS, OR ANYTHING IN THAT FAMILY. I am LITERALLY trembling as I write this. As for your two new pieces - I LOOOOOVE them! You just continue to exercise your imagination & talent! HUGS!!!!


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