So happy that College Girl spent her Spring break here on The Cart! While she was here she made a bunch of papercut cryptids for a little children's book she wrote for Spanish class. She tried to make her selected beasties friendly looking, even though at least one of them likes to feast on children. My personal favorite is Yeti, while Dylan is partial to El Chupacabra. Can you believe that her college actually offers a Cryptozoology class? (True!) Extra credit if you bring Bigfoot in for show-n-tell. (Not true.) 


  1. Goodness, me... those are awesome!! Geez, talented family much? :) I love it!

    I don't think I can pick a favorite. They are all so detailed! Thanks for sharing.

    -Annie Rose

  2. Those are wonderful!

  3. Jackalopes and wolpertingers, of course! Flying bunnies all the way!


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