Today's Table (In the Works)

 These started projects became finished over the weekend. 
This particular batch is heading to Germany. 
Spaß haben, little beasties.

Today I'm making a little robot like this one-
 First I have to paper mache her boxy costume. I already cut and assembled the cardboard bits, and now I'll cover it in several layers of paper towels painted with white glue. Not any ole paper towels will do though. I specifically like the scratchy brown ones that you might find in elementary schools. I had a big stash of them that lasted for years that I had gotten from the university I went to. When I started running low I was known to load up on long sheets whenever I'd come across them at gas stations and the like, but hadn't found a place to get entire rolls. Then one lucky day I spotted them at a restaurant supply store while preparing for a party. I was way too excited to find them!

Speaking of paper mache projects, have you seen this amazing one?
It was made by Kim Graham and 25 voluteers in Seattle.
You can see in-progress pictures on her website here. 


  1. The little robot is lovely.

  2. ...THAT explains why I saw a Wanted Poster at a Shell Station with your picture on it. Huh. ;o)

    ...You know I did a pear shaped gourd made of fabric years ago where I had to tear up bits of paper towel and apply it and the paint it. It felt silly doing it but it looked awesome when it was done. I love that lil' Robot of yours.

    ...My husband always corrects me when I say "robot". 'Cause I say, "roe-butt" instead of "roe-bot". Now I just say it to aggravate him a bit. *giggle*shrug*

    ...That must be an awesome feeling to package up your works to go across the globe. I once had a pig go to California and you would of thought I was sending him to Timbuktu I thought that was so awesome. I know, I know, I so need to get out more. ;o)

    ...Have a wonderful rest o' the day!

    ...Blessings :o)

  3. congratulations on finishing WIP. I wish I had a little bit of that motivation (and time) to get going.

    I love that tree Ent from Seattle, what a project. Thank you for bringing it back into view

  4. WOW! I love your robot AND the lil' gray & black web-footed cutie! And Kim Graham's work is AMAZING!

  5. I am very impressed that your orders go all the way to my country/Germany. That is just great! Wunderbar!

  6. your projects are amazing. thanks for the link about that paper mache project. i'm off to check it out now.
    thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  7. Wow! Your robot is so cute and that paper mache project is amazing.

  8. The robot is just divine.
    You are so gifted!


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