Today's Table (In the Works)

Here's a little peak at what's on today's table. 
 This batch will get their arms and wings and be on their way this afternoon. Dylan and I are both really surprised (but happy) that people are still wanting Santas and Christmas ornaments. 
That didn't happen last year.

I thought it would be fun to snap pictures of a week's worth of tables. The following pictures are of the tables that greeted me in the morning every day this week (besides Friday and Saturday on account of I took those days off).
Monday (today)
Now I have to put Alice and friends aside for a little while I finish a batch of made-to-order stuff.
A big batch of stuff. A dauntingly big batch of stuff. Wish me luck!


  1. I just love your amazing creations!! That's awesome your so busy... and still Wanting Christmas items?? I was wondering about that. To be honest, I'm still in the X-mas mood!! Good Luck on your huge orders!

  2. That was neat to see!! Love your work!!!

  3. Thank you! I love being able to peek into your creative world. I love everything I see... especially the pile of teeny arms. :)

  4. Muito Bonito!

  5. These are super cute :) I love your style. Kind of folky. Are they painted fabric?

  6. ...YOU take days OFF?! Get. Out. ;o)

    ...I love that lil' Dalmation! Ah-dorable!

    ...It's great that you're so busy. I'm sure you wonder about that at times but it sure beats the other and it's obvious that everyone loves what you do. That's a good thing. :o)

    ...Enjoy your week!

    ...Blessings :o)

  7. It always make me grin over at your place - all those body parts scattered around and about.

  8. so fun to watch you guys work! what about the house with the face on it? what was that??/

  9. I loved seeing the progression from one day to the next! You & Dylan are just PROLIFIC! I could never create on the scale you two do! It's AMAZING! And even more so because each finished piece is so beautiful!

  10. Oh I'm in love. THESE ARE GORGEOUS. Seriously crushing on your blog!

  11. Oh my, there is a dog there! I am a loyal reader of your blog, always in awe with your work, but this dog must be my favourite creation of you ever!

  12. Gah! I love watching the progress of a week's worth of work table loveliness! It's marvelous to see them go from linen to painted wonder. :)


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