More stuff?

Hooray, I got a new toy! Can you guess what it is? I'll give you a hint: 
With this, I can make super cool itty bitty things like some of my favorite Etsy people.

Like Ckuhwald-

I'm resisting playing with it until everything is checked off my current list though.
How totally mature of me, right?


  1. Don't be mature!! So boring- get busy with it now!!

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  3. Hooray! And what is this thing you call "mature"? Never heard of it. :)

    Can't wait to see your pinny pins! Hurry and finish all the things!

  4. Oh, how I DOOOOO love buttons (or pins) depending upon what one chooses to call them. I collect them. Seriously. I have for YEARS! But - confession - I am NOT mature because the ones I collect are silly-sometimes-naughty ones. Here's what ONE (not naughty) says: I am a graduate of the Thelma & Louise Finishing School! You can tell THAT'S old. A friend sent me one which reads: GRAMMAR POLICE! LOVE it! I know whatever YOU make will be 100% FUN!!

  5. ...Oh so totally mature. I'd be all over that now then scrambling to get my to-do list done later. Yeah, I'm tryin' to change that but for now, that's how I roll. *sigh*shrug*giggle* ;o)

    ...Love it! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

    ...Awesomeness around every corner here at Le Cart. :o)

    ...Peace & Blessings

  6. Thanks for including my button holder. Hope you enjoy making buttons, it can be fun :)


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