Today's Table (Everybody's Waiting)

 Deers are waiting for their photo shoot.

 A bunch of printed-and-stuffed stuff is waiting for me to figure out how I want to hang them.

The last moose is waiting for paint. . .

. . . and so are a bunch of owls, while a star and a strange creature wait for details.

Everybody is waiting on me.
(But not the good kind of "waiting on me" that's usually followed by "hand and foot.")


  1. So exciting! Lookin' good so far!

  2. ha ha ha - I have unfinished things that have been waiting years. Thankfully, I don't think your amazing items will have to wait quite so long.

  3. ...Those two deer are just adorable - I love them! :o)

    ...And those ovals with the faces, will those be brooches, pins or ? Do tell.

    ...Oh Dy-lan? *tap*tap*tap* This thing on? I do believe Jo is deserving of a lil' waiting on hand & foot. Take care of that please and thank you! ;o)

    ...Btw, I love the lil' Angel with the full moon and owls in the tree. She's lovely.

    ...Blessings :o)

  4. ...A brooch is a pin, isn't it? I think I meant to ask, "brooch, necklace or ?"... *giggle*eye roll*

    ...Never mind me. :o)

  5. Mmm. Whilst these are waiting on you, Dylan needs to be waiting with coffee and cake methinks.

    I love your characters, especially the owls. So looking forward to seeing them with all their winter finery on.

    Meanwhile 60 children's literacy books are waiting on me...

  6. Oh, these are looking marvelous. Can't wait to see them all done. The deer are AMAZING!

  7. ALL OF THESE are fabulous! Love the deer! I am thinking that the ovals are Christmas ornaments!

    Marvelous stuff Jo and Dylan!

  8. Oooooooh! Dylan, my buddy, you are SO being called out! Guess you better get to waiting on sweet Jo hand, foot, and the whole nine yards! LOL! Seriously, LOVE the darling deer (making me feel Christmasy-jingly-hohoho-y over here!) and dying to see the completed moose! YOU ARE AWESOME, JO!!!

  9. I love the deer very much, will you be adding them to Etsy?

    :-} Lorraine

  10. You are one of my artsy heros. :-) I love it when artsy heros admit to needing erasers. You have outdone yourself. I don't even like owls that much but you make me want an owl now.

  11. Sigh. I used to be a good speller. Heros should be heroes. ;-)


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