Owls, Silly Words, and Persistence

Today I'm working on finishing up this group of owls in time for Something-New Sunday.  Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament? I have a deeply nerd-like love of old fashioned collective nouns. Most animals are represented, and lots of birds. There are the commonly known ones, like a group of crows is a murder or geese hang out in a gaggle, but there are all sorts of silly words for animalistic gatherings. Like a pandemonium of parrots, and array of hedgehogs, or (one of my favorites) a smack of jellyfish. Who says this isn't an educational blog?

The newest owly additions to The Cart were inspired by the little owl painting I made for 

Some days the designs fly fast and furious, right on the mark. But other days, erasers are my best friends. And yesterday was one of those eraser-friendly days. I must've drawn and erased those owls' details 50 times before finally painting them in. There was a fair amount of repainting going on as well. I'm finally happy with the results though. I'm nothing if not persistent.


  1. I most love the fact that they (and all your drawings) are precise, yet very engaging. Or full of life or something.

  2. Collective nouns are such fun.

    I think your owls rank up there with my favorite creations.

    a convocation of creations

  3. I love how you did the owls, they look wonderful stuffed and painted.


  4. I learn something new everyday! I love the smack of jellyfish! LOL! I am going to use that the next time I go to the coast. Some days are pink eraser days and some days you can't even find the erasers. Wishing you a weekend where the eraser isn't needed.

  5. Some art makes me want to be a better person... yours, for example.

  6. *gasp*! I ADORE the fellow on the right - I might need him to come live with me! :)

  7. There's also a murmuration of starlings, a raft of ducks, a deceit of lapwings, a kit of pigeons (I'm particularly fond of that one) and a herd of wrens. (I like collective nouns for birds.)

    Love your parliament!

  8. WOW! I'm NOT the only collective noun fan! YAY, JO! And, YAY JO'S BLOG READERS! Now! Your owls are birdy perfection! And that's because you are talented beyond belief, precise, diligent, and - oh, yeah! - the owner of a nice big eraser which you know how to use! LOL!

  9. Love your owls Jo :)))


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