Driven to Distraction

Num nums?

Got a bunch of orders for tiny skellies this past week. The last of the limited editions, and some custom ones too. I'm always happy to customize our existing designs. I think these skelly couples would make the cutest wedding cake toppers, don't you? Well, if they had toothpicks tied to their feet or something. 

While making all their little skirts, I couldn't help but play with them.
Sometimes I get distracted by my own silliness.


  1. ...Being distracted by your own silliness? It's a good thing. :o)

    ...And I'm almost certain skeletons everywhere long to look like yours.

    ...Oh, and be careful. Someone somewhere, just may contact you asking, "hey, I stopped by your blog the other day, how much for the skirted fingers?"...lol ;o)


  2. My order? I'll have #13 on the lunch menu, waiter - the skellies- on-a-plate appetizer, well-dressed, please! And a side of skirted, dancing digits!

  3. Very silly! There should be far more silly in the world.


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