Getting in the Mood

Took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch today, woohoo! 
So many pumpkins to choose from. . .

. . . but I went with good ole orange. Three of 'em! And I carved them up, stuck in some stick arms and a carrot nose. . . and voila, it's a Pumpkinman! I haven't bought any little candles yet, so for now Pumpkinman is empty inside. So sad.

Got the house's outsides ready for attracting trick-or-treaters too.
A plastic tablecloth + scissors + tape = cheap and easy Halloweeny windows.

Busted out my favorite non-perishable pumpkins (and a crow) today too, so the mantle is adequately festive. (That paper cut thingy was done by College Girl for Dylan's last birthday. She's so cool.)

Even Lulu and Tuzy are getting into the spirit. 
(Not really. Really, I'm just a dork with access to Photoshop.)

Hope I get lots of trick-or-treaters! 
But not sooo many so that I run out of candy and end up having to give some disappointed kid something lame like. . .oh, I dunno. . . canned soup? 

Have any of you ever run out of candy? What does one do in such a situation?
Turn out all the lights and hide?


  1. We don't celebrate Halloween in Egypt, but your posts surly transcend the spirit of the feast. Wishing you a happy Halloween, may you survive all tricks and never run out of treats :)

  2. when we were little, they would give pennies...sure would not fly anymore!! The face on the pumpkin is pure Cart!! love it! my son and his girlfriend carved theirs last weekend, but in our warm So Cal weather, they are already collapsed and fuzzy....

  3. Great decorations. One year I ran out, it was aweful. I sent my daughter to the corner store and pd 10 cents each for their "penny" candy! Turns out we only had a few more children.

  4. My Middle is as indignant as all get-out, because Aussies don't 'do' All Hallows Eve. Nup. Not a festive pumpkin in sight. I told him he was welcome to dress up and hit the streets with his trick or treating but not to be disappointed if all he ended up with was sultanas. At which point we all opted to watch the latest David Attenborough wonderment instead...


  5. ...Your pumpkin and Halloween decor is [singing the word] "awe-some"! ;o)

    ...If I lived near you I would come trick or treating to your house, fo' sho'. And okay, a dork with Photoshop is the BEST kind of dork. If you were a dork. Just sayin'... Love the pooches! :o)

    ...And College Girl is way cool! She's living proof that the apple doesn't fall from the tree. In our homestead, it's nuts. Sadly around here nuts don't fall far from our trees. *sigh*giggle*shrug*

    ...And btw, I'm liking the color change here at the ol' Cart le Blog. Text color change or something, yes?

    ...Blessings :o)

  6. ...Oh, I almost forgot:

    "Season's Screamings" my pretties! mwhahahahahahaaaa...

  7. BRILLIANT idea, that tablecloth for the windows! Looks super great! In fact, so does your mantle & so do your 'punkies'! WOW! LOOOOVE College Girl's art! Run out of treats? We haven't had a single trick or treater - not ONE!!! - in the last 15 years. I thought maybe it was our old neighborhood. Nope. We've lived here for 3 years & the neighborhood is 'Kid City'! Don't these kiddos know how to have FUN? Sigh. Happy Halloween, Jo, to you & Dylan! HUGS!!!!!

  8. Our first home was in a rural town right across from a community center which hosted a Halloween party. Kids from all over the county came. One year, we estimated we had 150 kids trick-or-treating. I had to look under the sofa cushion for loose change to give out.

    At our present house -- not so much happens. We are on a street with only two houses, so we leave out a bowl of candy and go trick-or-treating with our daughter and her friends (remaining several paces away in the dark).

    This year has had too many family issues. We haven't even carved our pumpkin. And the front porch is covered with painting equipment awaiting the return of the house painters. I think we might even leave off the light this year.

    But, I must say, you have inspired me for next year. I wish I could come to your house for a treat (or even a trick).

  9. love the decor!
    Have a Happy Halloween! xo natalea

  10. Trick or Treat!!! Lulu and Tuzy look wonderful! I have run out of candy. Quarters and dimes work in a pinch, but kids seem disappointed by money. I have neighbors who are the Halloween equivalent of Scrooge (wonder who that is?) and their house always gets egged. Party poopers.

  11. Hooray for Pumpkinman!

  12. Have a happy, creepy, spooky, surprising, exciting, and fun Halloween.

  13. at least you're thinking kindly and ahead of time...
    i remember being somewhat confused when a houseowner handed me a religious pamphlet
    even though the apples someone else was handing out were nice
    they weren't what 10 year olds were hoping for, especially not 10 year olds dressed up in goblin costumes!
    turn out the lights and hide seems like a good plan...
    have a happy Halloween and look out for the Great Pumpkin

  14. Wow, you guys really did have a lot of pumpkins to choose from! I've never even seen a green pumpkin like that before.

    Your Pumpkinman looks great!


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