Design Day and Down South

Yesterday was a design day, wheee! Lots of new beasties in the works. Designs start with little sketches, then become templates (like these) which Dylan traces onto fabric. Then he sews, turns, stuffs (while watching some sort of entertainment on the computer), and hands them over to me. Blank and full of possibilities!

In other news. . .
Our goodies will be joining lots of other goodness down South next weekend. So if you're in the Atlanta area you should go and have some fun.


  1. Is that perchance a caterpillery-type critter I see on the work-in-progress table? I LIKE IT!!! I like ALL yours & Dylan's critter-people! But I have one sad lil' bone to pick with you. WHY AREN'T YOU IN HOUSTON WHERE KAI CAN GO SEEEEEE YOU? Love you two creative characters bunches!

  2. I love templates, and the imagined end results! Love your Owls.

    Lorraine :-}


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