Something-New Sunday


You can see more of our friendly moose head here.

Moose was Boy Kid's favorite word when he was little. He just liked the way it sounded and used it as an all-purpose sentiment, sort of the way a Californian might use Dude. Got a cool new skateboard? Moose! Scrape your knee on aforementioned skateboard? Moose! Get grounded for not wearing knee pads while skateboarding? Moose.

How about you? Do you have any all-purpose words?


  1. Okay! You have totally outdone yourselves this time! That is one adorable moose hanging there, looking so pleased with himself. He's like, "Yeah, I traded in my body for this way cool plaque I'm mounted on. Nice, huh?" LOL! I think he's FABULOUS! As for words, mine is MULCH. That word just cracks me up. Hey Dylan, you need to write a song called, "Mulch THIS!" BWAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, I admit to using it as a profanity. People just look at me as tho' I'm odd. Who? ME?

  2. Anonymous9/18/2011

    MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!! What a FABULOUS MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSEE!! We have a Møøse and a Hjørse - hand puppets from Ikea - who hide around the house, waiting to surprise whoever didn't hide them last... our other word we are stuck on is the stringed Arabic instrument, the OUD. OOOOOOOUD!

  3. I like the word SCHMEEEEEE! (as when Captain Hook was in dire straits!). Your moose is adorable. I might start chanting MOOSE! now. It's completely your fault. ;) ox Pam

  4. Love your blog! So glad I found you! I'm in PDX too! Love your things!


  5. Oh how fabulous! Your work blows me away!!! I have your shop on my Christmas wish list!!!
    I hope Santa is listening =)


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