On the Table(s) and Higher Places

First step is designing. Then sewing, turning, stuffing. Then base painting. That's the stage these are at, getting ready to be stained (step 4). I like to play with all the little bits and pieces at this stage, arranging them all tidy-like. There's something very satisfying about orderly objects. Speaking of which, have you ever seen the site Things Organized Neatly? It's chock full of tidiness of the silliest (and kinda OCD) variety.

I have an extra table full of stuff this month. My brother and his wife, Yellena, and traveling around Europe right now so we're managing their Etsy shop for a little bit. We've got a bunch of their beautiful prints arranged all tidy-like on another table, waiting to be shipped off around the world as they sell. They're really pretty! We have several of Yellena's prints hanging around the house. One of these days I'll do an  featured-artist thing about her.

Not everything in the studio is quite so orderly. 

There are a couple of bats that are resisting being packed in their shipping boxes.

They were harder to round up than you might think.
Bats, apparently, are not afraid of heights.


  1. Naughty bats! LOL! Cracked me up! I am so ashamed to say I went right over to the site with the OCD organizing, and found it WONDERFUL. I'm afraid I'm one of those ... shhhhh! ... anal Virgo types. I organize EVERYTHING to the point of driving my housemate (and often MYSELF) NUTS. Sigh. Probably why I don't get anything worthwhile accomplished. Too busy organizing. BWAHAHAHAHA!

  2. ...Okay, that site is awesome! I've always been a little, okay a lot, OCD. I like things to be a certain way and if they're not then it is very stressful for me. I've been working on getting away from that but it's hard. And might I say, I love how you have all your little creations layed out so orderly. See? Love that! ;o)

    ...Love the bats! Too cute!

    ...I have to ask, do you ever set about creating and make a mistake? I was wonderin'... :o)

    ...Enjoy your weekend!



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