Something-New Sunday and a Giveaway

Here's a peek at this week's newest offerings-
You can see more of them in the shop.

Also, I started an artist page on Facebook a few weeks ago and 500 people have "liked" us so far. Woohoo! 500 seems like a good milestone type of number, so I thought it called for a little giveaway. Come by and join the fun!
We're giving away a bunch of stickers that we just got from Moo. We like to tuck them in with purchases. I'd never gotten anything from them before and they were a bit spendy, but the quality is very good. And everything was really user friendly, which is code for "even this computer dummy can do it." Can't wait to order more!


  1. What's not to like...You're both silly funny people and you make the best silly funny stuff an you even show us how to make silly funny things, too....Like? I love you guys and your kids, too!

  2. I'm loving your new Halloween pieces and the stickers are awesome! I don't Facebook but I had to tell you anyway! xo

  3. Hummm Moo , I like the look of them . I will have to check them out. See you on face book!

  4. As Anita said, I wish there was a "love" tab on Facebook. Your art makes me smile regardless of which side of the bed I got up on. Have a wonderful week.


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