Random Scenes Around the Studio

I've been feeling kinda quiet this week (thus the lack of blogging), but I hear that a picture is worth a thousand words. So here's 12,000 words.

I'll be back tomorrow with something new for Something-New Sunday.


  1. Your studio is a feast for the eyes. I am in love. The owl and the pussycat setting out to sea made my heart skip a beat.

  2. ...Your studio is pretty much like you - awesome! :o)

    ...Hope you're doing okay!

    ...Blessings :o)

  3. I have to go through my collections, have lots of small items and some I will keep and donate the rest, too many cats;) I also have a few wade animals, I kept the cats but will see if I can find a home for the rest.


  4. Hi Sweetie...
    Oh my goodness gracious is your studio ever alive.From the little monkey riding on the collie, to the pear face sitting in the lap of Raggedy Ann. Chatter is among them all. They each have a story.

    If the buttons could only talk, imagine what they might tell us. What they were on, or who wore them and at what era.

    Now poor old Abe Lincoln got his eye poked out by that tomato gal next to him. Although she was sorry about it, it didn't help him. He is playing the blues about it on his guitar.

    Love all the little Bambi's that you have amongst things, and it appears as if someone sat down on the bench and had a cup of Campbells' soup to warm their tummy.

    Love this post, yes I do. Thanks for taking me along this evening.I so enjoyed myself.

    This is the Miracle Weekend makeover. I am one of the hosting sites. For every comment left, Guideposts magazine will pay a dollar, to the next cancer makeover patient. Please stop by and read the story about 9 year old Charlie, and bless me with a comment. Out goal between the 4 or 5 blogs is 5,000. I know we can do it. I would appreciate it, if you pass the word around to as many friends as possible.

    Thank you sweetie for a wonderful post. I love it. Have a glorious weekend. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  5. There's my lil' friend! And it's good to be quiet when your spirit is telling you to! But quiet or lively or whichever way you appear, Jo, your posts are ALWAYS a welcomed sight! I love all the fun pictures! HUGS!


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