C is for Calico Cat and her Crow.
I had a beloved calico kitty when I was a little kid. Her name was Calamity Jane. She was my reward for taking first place at a cattle judging contest. True story. Anyway, Calico seemed a natural fit for C. It's weird,  of all the cats I've painted over the years I don't think any of them has been a calico. I incorporated lots of C's into her design. She's the quiet sort, but that wheelie little crow of hers has been zooming around the studio causing all kinds of havoc. (Dylan's dexterity amazed me when he was able to make those teeny tiny quilted wings for Crow. I don't know how he manages with those big ole man hands of his.)


  1. Love the C pieces, perfect!


  2. I love calico cats, too. I had a wonderful calico kitty named Petridge when I was a kid. Your kitty and her crow are adorable. :) xo Pam

  3. I love the alphabet series. What a great idea. I have a weakness for calico cats! She's adorable!


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