B is for Bunnies in a Boat.

Dylan made the boat out of wood which I then covered with papier mache. (I like a particular kind of paper brushed back and front with white glue.) It just gives it some added texture and paints up so nice. I incorporated nine B's into the design. And we made the mast removable so we can send it off on grand adventures more easily.
Don't tell the rest of the alphabet crew, but this one is probably going to be my favorite. 
I love bunnies! Something about those too-long ears and the way they wiggle their cute fuzzy noses turns me into a total girlie girl. And I can neither confirm nor deny that I keep making the boat bunnies hop around kissing Dylan and the becoming-annoyed-with-my-silliness-in-that-way-only-teenagers-can boy kid. 


  1. Love your alphabet pieces, can't wait to see C, can think of my favorite thing and other ideas to go with it.


  2. How I LOVE this piece!!! Well done!


  3. I was toying around with the idea of paper mache over wood just this week, good to know from an expert that it will work! And I love the bunnies...So cute!

  4. Awesome, I love those two and can't wait to see the rest of your alphabet pieces.

  5. Jo and Dylan, I just want to say a huge thanks for Miss Clemontine (my giveaway prize). I also popped over and bought her a friend from your Etsy shop. I am beyond thrilled with both of them! Soon I shall get them framed and then I'll send you a pic.

  6. Anonymous6/07/2011

    Waaaaay too cute! <3


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