OK, so they don't live next door, but rather a little way down the street.

Goats are cool.
Did you know that there are over 200 different breeds of goats?
We've made several of them over the years.
Here are a few faves-


  1. Goats ARE cool. When the fair is in town, I can give up anything (funnel cakes, rides), but I must always visit the goats.

    I think I would love to come across a banjo-playing goat.

  2. I LOVE goats! How fun that you can visit some whenever you like. :)

  3. I LOVE goats! In fact, I used to go to the zoo ALL the time just so I could wander over to the petting zoo area & sit on a wooden bench there. All the baby 'goaties' would come visit me and bump their sweet lil' heads on my hand, hoping for some kind of treat. Between the petting zoo & the gorilla area (I love, adore, WANT gorillas!) I could have spent DAYS at the zoo. (Okay, now! Quit all that laughing at me, Jo!) YOUR goats are WONDERFUL! 'Specially that talented fellow with the banjo!

  4. I had no idea there were that many kinds of goats! You have great neighbors! Love all the goats you have created! Michele

  5. I love goats and my skin loves goat milk soap and butter they so kindly provide!!! :)

  6. I love goats Jo and if I was going to be at home more I'd have me a pair of pygmy goats... hmmm maybe in my future!

    Sure was fun seeing you and Dylan!
    xox Pattee

  7. I love baby goats but then again I love baby 'everythings'! Your goats are fabulous!

  8. Ваши козы - круче всех! Здорово!! Шикарно!!! Они потрясающие!!!

  9. Photo cred? :P Looove you real good!

  10. LOVE goats! Hope I can have a few one day! And what is better that goat cheese? Your goat dolls are pretty close :)!


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