A la Cart

 Cooking up lots of new stuff today. There will be liberal dashes of pink and red, with hearty helpings of stripes and polka dots.
Another fun new thing-- we have our very own fabric! Got our first fabric back from Spoonflower and we are so pleased with the quality of it! Dylan promptly stitched up some little quilts/prints that I can see so many possibilites for.
Hope this new year is already presenting all of you with new possibilites.


  1. Your quilt is adorable! I have been so tempted by the possibilities of Spoonflower … hmmm perhaps I’ll get round it this year!

    My dolly sketch book is brimming so I promised myself to pick random pages and just start making the dolls, it’s all rather an exciting start to the New Year! Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations, and Happy New Year!

  2. beautiful fabric!
    HAPPY 2011

  3. Awesome on all the new dolls :o) and the quilt is wonderful! I had just recently heard of Spoonflower. The fabric wonderful! Michele

  4. WOOOOHOOOOOO! All SORTS of new delights about to be born in your workspace! Needless to say, I'll be stalking your blog for updates on the finished beauties! And the fabric? MARVELOUS! You & Dylan are just moving at lightening speed with your business & I am SO HAPPY for you! Bunches of hugs!

  5. I am bright green with envy at your sewing skills (especially after a stuffed toy making disaster) ;) Can't wait to see how they all become. Happy new year!!!

  6. Can't wait to see your new creations. Beautiful art panel.

  7. Your creations are always so fun and so clever. Love each of them.

  8. Jo, I can hardly wait to see what you and Dylan can show us ....

    xox Pattee


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